Hey, it's Makie, your Late Bloomer Crew brand creator! I'm a music artist and I'll be pairing my songs with new collections here at Late Bloomer Crew. My new single, ANCHOR DOWN, just dropped & you can enjoy the video here! Then check out our ANCHOR DOWN COLLECTION when you're done!

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ANCHOR DOWN is a response to the trials we face in relationships & life. I created this song to stand as a totem of hope during the collective journey we’ve been on as fellow Humans during these troubling times.

This song is a symbol of my firm belief that we need to ANCHOR DOWN when times get tough, and simply, JUST LOVE one-another. Not only in our personal relationships, but as Humans within our Country & around the World. Love is always the answer. It isn't always easy, but it is worth it.

xo Makie

PS -- My entire family is in this video. Watch to the end and see if you can find them. ;)